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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I did NOT lose my shop today!

If you've ever been to Wasted Electrons World Headquarters, you know that my workshop out behind the house is my favorite portion of the property. It's my man-cave, my estrogen-free zone and it houses pretty much everything material that is important to me. My scooter and the Kawasaki live in there during the winter months- they are still in there due to my now healing injuries but they are in there for a few more days. My tools are in there as well as all my fishing gear and my guns. So the shop might not be fancy but it is important to me and I love being out there.

I could have lost it today except for divine intervention or a stroke of luck depending on your point of view. I went out to the shop and unlocked it this morning before leaving for work to get some tools out that I will need later today. As soon as I walked in, I discovered a power strip that has been a main source of power above the bench was sparking, smoking and trying to burst into flame! I quick pulled the plug out of the wall outlet and things calmed down quickly and disaster was averted.

But what would have happened if I just headed off on my happy way to work without going into the shop? It might have burned to the ground, that's what could have happened! I almost never go into the shop except in the evenings, going in early as I did today was very unusual but I am so glad that I did!

I'll be buying a new power strip on the way home AND a smoke detector to be installed in my shop...